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Little Colliers Announcement! - 12/11/2018

I can confirm that, following a request from the school to delay any closure until the end of the academic year and reading through the excellenet responses from the consultation, Little Colliers will remain open until the end of the academic year. The board discussion at the end of the month will discuss the long term future of Little Colliers and will enable a more detailed consideration of all the factors involved.

I hope that removing the prospect of any January decision will give staff and parents reassurance for the immediate future.

Keith Sorrell - CEO


Welcome to Little Colliers Nursery. Little Colliers caters for 72 children from 2 to 5 years old, separated into two rooms and is run by qualified and experienced staff.

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What's a typical day...

At Little Colliers Nursery the children enjoy a wonderful and action packed curriculum delivered by our excellent practitioners. We have two rooms at Little Colliers...

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At Little Colliers Nursery we offer a huge variety of different childcare services and prices to match exactly what you need, whenever you need it!

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Donna Hurdman - Nursery Manager